Marriage Does Matter

Today my husband and I celebrate 9 years of marriage and what a trip it has been! There have been highs and lows and everything in between. There have also been 3 beautiful children who are treasures even on their worst days! As I reflected on it all this morning the Lord shared that our children needed to partake in  the celebration. Now, my husband and I will have a date night to celebrate just us two, but God said our children needed to share in the occasion. When I told my husband he look puzzled at first because, like many people, we thought of our anniversary as one of the few things that was just for us!  Yet and still, we decided to take the kids out for ice cream after school.  On our way there, Mark briefly shared how special it is to celebrate 9 years of marriage when so many don’t make it pass year 3. Surprisingly, the boys had a couple of questions before congratulating us complete with smiles and hugs. They felt a sense of security knowing God supports Mark’s and my relationship through it all.

In a world where marriage has been relegated irrelevant and passé; God wanted our children to know He brought my husband and me together, kept us through 9 years of marriage and they are part of the fruit of it. Our marriage, centered around Christ, is the foundation of our family and one day their marriages will form the same foundation for their families. Knowing that gives them as much a sense of heritage as the African American heroes we celebrate every February.

I will always look forward to celebrating our anniversary as a couple, but celebrating as a family is a treat as well!


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