Consider It Done!

The LORD will accomplish what concerns me…Psalm 138:8a (NASB)

My family and I are in the midst of one of my least favorite things: moving.  While we’re looking forward to moving back to where our sons were born and many of our close friends still live; moving, as with all change, is challenging.  Making matters more complicated is we’re living in limbo.  We’ve moved out of our old home across the country and are staying in temporary housing while we wait to move into our next home.  A home I haven’t seen with my own eyes yet, just a few photos.  Can you say “interesting”?!!

It’s funny, no matter how many times I’ve moved personally and with my family, moving never gets easier.  The more kids you have and the older they are when you move, the more complicated it seems.  This move the boys are at the age where they’ve made a few “friends” so this move has had more sadness mixed with excitement for them.  I figured it would happen but I didn’t know how it would play out.  Just a reminder there are some things you can’t prepare for even when you’re a “planner” like I am.

Our daughter’s response was interesting and most unexpected.  Initially, she regularly expressed excitement about moving.  After all, a two-year olds home is wherever her parents are, right?  Well, when she saw the movers at the door I’m told she grabbed her baby doll, curled up on the couch and closed her eyes.  She stayed in that position until I came back from taking the boys to school.  I guess the realization she was moving from the only home she’s ever known was a lot for her to absorb.

What’s kept me anchored during this state of total flux is God’s promise that the outcome is a done deal.  He whispered that to me the week prior to the move while in the kitchen with countless ‘what ifs’ and checklists running through my mind.  Then and there He reminded me of Psalm 138:8.  I had memorized it in the KJV, but I think the NASB more accurately conveys the Hebrew meaning.   As I chewed on it a while the Holy Spirit explained that I can relax because the Lord has already taken care of every detail of our move.  He wanted to assure me that He knew everything I was thinking about, even concerns I didn’t share with anyone else, and that he’s taken care of them personally.  How loved I felt in that moment and every time I’ve meditated on it since!

All change is difficult, even when it’s something you’re looking forward to.  Take comfort in knowing that God knows your end from your beginning and as far as the outcomes of what concerns you…consider it done!


SOUL FOOD (Scripture References)

Psalm 139:2

Isaiah 46:10


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  1. I love Psalm 139, but I often jump over the first verses. Thank you for reminding me that “He knows and He cares.” God Bless You.


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