From Mourning To Dancing

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.  Proverbs 21:30, NIV

It’s two weeks before my homeschool start date and so many things are out of whack.  The county school board hadn’t acknowledged receipt of the form I sent declaring my plans to homeschool.  I’d heard nothing from the church where we’ll attend homeschool co-op regarding the status of my security clearance (required for participation) and my laptop battery died in the midst of finalizing lesson plans!  This is not the way I wanted to start my homeschool journey…and the enemy knew that.

He wanted me to worry and doubt whether the Lord called me to homeschool or at the very least have a negative expectation for the school year.  In short, he wanted to take me out of my position of rest.  The place of confidence that the Lord always finishes what He starts.  I admit he had me against the ropes for a few minutes.  Me homeschooling was never in doubt but, like Eeyore, a small dark cloud of discouragement started forming over my head.

I knew it’s not the Lord’s will that His people be anxious about anything but everything seemed to be going wrong.  Then the Lord reminded me of something I heard noted pastor and author, Joseph Prince, say recently.  “The enemy is not creative, only reactive.  His only plan is to try to counter whatever he sees God doing in a believer’s life.”  Then the Holy Spirit chimed in to remind me of the above verse He encouraged me with some time ago.  So realizing this was an attack, all that was left to do was dance!  The enemy’s plan to saddle me with worry, frustrate me and cause me to quit was doomed to fail as always.  The very fact he messed with me in this area confirmed that the Lord has an awesome homeschool experience planned for us!  He’s already taken care of it.  All I need do is cast my care on Him and rest in His abundant supply of grace!

By the way, shortly after my praise party concluded I got a phone call from the co-op’s church affiliation assuring me they were taking care of the security clearance as we spoke!  I fully expect everything else will fall in line shortly J


SOUL FOOD (Scripture References)

Philippians 4:6

Psalm 138:8, NAS

1 Peter 5:7

Matthew 11:28

Ephesians 1:7, 8, NIV

© Vanessa A. Harris and The Legacy of Faith, 2012.


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