The One and Only

Mother is NOT synonymous with Savior.  

One of the things we mothers need accept is the limits of our important role in our children’s lives.  In 2 Kings 4, the Shunammite woman finally received her miracle child only to have him die in her arms a few years later.  Brought to her when he first complained of the headache, she held him on her lap until he died.  How did she respond to this sudden, disastrous and apparently hopeless turn of events?  She carried him to the prophet Elisha’s room,  laid him down on the bed and ran to go get Elisha, all the while claiming “it is well”.  After the “man of God” ministered to him and prayed for some time, the boy came back to life!

Most mothers will never know this extreme situation but many of us experience situations with our children at times that seem hopeless to ever turn around.  We get in “fix-it” mode and do everything we can think of to get our children back on track.  Often we end up frustrated because any change we might see is only temporary.  The Shunammite woman shows us another perspective.   After you’ve loved them, taught them and addressed areas of wrong thinking do what mothers in Christ do best: love on them and leave them at the Son of God’s feet.  Certainly Jesus is greater than Elisha and when He speaks, dead and hopeless situations immediately turn around (John 11:38-44)!

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