DADDY Knows Best

A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Today Joseph Prince kicked off his U.S. preaching tour in Newark, NJ.  From the time I heard about it, months ago, my husband and I made plans to attend.  We secured tickets believing a trusted friend or family  member would be available to look after our little ones (those who know me know it’s a short list).

God had other plans.  I realized it when no one was available!  I was really disappointed because Joseph Prince’s ministry has revolutionized every member of our family’s relationship with the Lord and my husband and I were excited to experience his ministry live.  Little did I know God was up to something even better.

About 10 days ago, I sensed the Lord telling me that my oldest was to go in my place.  It made perfect sense!  Recently, during our morning devotion, he shared  frustration he’d been having in his relationship with the Lord.  I tried to assure my son that the Lord would clearly speak to him but I could see his doubt.  On the other hand, I told the Lord I trusted Him to speak to my son how and when he needed.

Turns out tonight was the time and the place.  My hubby tells me that our son had an awesome time in the Lord’s presence.  Top it off, the Lord told my son what He’s called him to do.  I look forward to hearing about it all from my son when they return tomorrow, but I’m just so excited that he had a fresh encounter with Jesus.  He’s been reminded how much the Lord loves him and that He’ll go to any lengths to reach my baby’s heart.  DADDY knows best!

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