Sight Adjustment

It happened again…at a restaurant.  It’s occurred before but it humbles us every time.  I’m just having fun with suspense but what I’m talking about is wonderfully benign!  While my family and I were enjoying dinner out, an older gentleman and his party, seated at the neighboring table, prepared to leave.  Before he left, the gentleman stopped by our table to tell my husband and I what a pleasure it was sitting next to us.  He spoke of how well our children behaved, called them gentlemen and a lady and noted that it doesn’t happen without intention on our part.

We thanked him for his kind words of encouragement, but two things immediately came to mind.  First of all although I thanked the gentleman outwardly, I thanked the Lord inwardly. I have no delusions of grandeur. The Lord is doing an awesome work in our children in spite of us, and He graciously allows us to join Him is His work!

Second, it gave me perspective.  Occasionally I’m too close to loved ones to really appreciate them.  It’s so easy, with my spouse or my children, to focus on shortcomings and irritations because, well, l live with them every day and those irritations can grate on me.  Every now and then God will use a stranger to cure me of temporary nearsightedness.  Each one of my children is a blessing and a delight, not only for my husband and me, but for others who cross their paths.  So, at the table we told our kids as much and leave it to my little girl to respond, “It’s because you and daddy are so good to us.”  Isn’t that just like the grace of God?  These kids are as well acquainted with our faults as we are theirs yet she believes and spoke the best about us.  She certainly has her Daddy God’s Spirit, doesn’t she?

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