A Moment of Peace…On a Weekday Morning!

I can hardly contain my excitement!  Guess where I am?… Co-op!  Guess what I’m NOT doing?… Teaching in Co-op!  I can’t tell you how glad I am we switched co-ops.  Our old co-op was great.  A wonderful group of women who came together and taught each other’s children art, health, music and PE in  “classroom” settings.  What I didn’t  like was going every Monday morning (tough day of the week) from 9-12 and having to teach someone else’s children.  There is so much extra prep that goes into teaching outside the home on top of our homeschool prep.  Even the role of classroom helper was taxing.  It took too much from our home learning and the cost started outweighing the initial benefit.  I miss those moms but we needed a change.

God answered my prayer when He brought our current co-op to my attention.  It was JUST what I was looking for.  We only meet every other Thursday for 1.5 hours.  The co-op fee covers a small stipend for the teachers of our 3 subjects.  These are people who have taught these areas before in professional settings and are passionate about them.  Now they’re in a season where they are either home caring for children or retired and giving their time and talents to the children in this co-op.  And the parents…we can sit and relax, enjoy a snack and fellowship.  A win/win for all of us!

Its paying off already, because I’m sitting here blogging right now with a cup of tea!

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