Oh …To Be Heard

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry.
Psalm 34:15

It’s so nice to be heard.  Knowing that someone cares about how you feel and what you have to say is a basic affirmation of your value.  In hindsight I find the child advocacy aspect of Pediatrics more rewarding than the science.  I guess because I remember as a child wanting and needing to say things that I wouldn’t or couldn’t because it inconvenienced the adults in my life.  That’s an unfortunate predicament for a child.

It’s worse still for those children who have something to say but don’t really know how to express it.  I find it particularly true with boys or with very young children period.  Often times we mistake their silence for blissful ignorance, almost glad we don’t have to entertain immature conversation.  Listen; advocate that I am, I’ve been there myself.  Sometimes you don’t want to entertain “silly” chatter, but there are those times when discernment unstops your ears so you hear their cries though sometimes silent.

I had another of those moments today with my sons today.  They were both so angry and though supposedly angry with each other, it turned out they each needed to be heard.  They needed to express themselves without interruption. They needed someone who loves them to listen.  They even needed help identifying the root causes of their frustrations.

We interrupted our entire school day so they could be heard.   I hope that means as much to them some day as it would have meant to me when I was their age

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