It’s My Birthday!!!

Yes, I actually love having a birthday near Christmas.  I’ve always seen my birthday as the kick off to December festivities.  It’s a party all month to me.  My birthday, then a few days later Jesus’ birthday then close out the old and bring in the new!  Honestly, I think it’s really cool to have my birthday so close to celebrating Jesus’.  Makes me feel closer to Him in a way, though I know nothing makes me closer than the cross.

No, I don’t get just a birthday and a Christmas gift rolled into one.  Growing up, my parents were always good about distinguishing my birthday from Christmas.  I opened birthday gifts on my birthday and Christmas gifts on Christmas.  My birthday gifts were not put under the tree!  I even had an awesome Sweet Sixteen party that I still remember fondly.

I have a nephew turning one tomorrow and I’m happy to school him and his parents on how to celebrate his special day during the Christmas season.  Time for me to get back to celebrating with the ones I love most!

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