So Very Near

My daughter and I love singing together, especially praise and worship.  Saturday, we belted out some tunes while running some quick errands.

ipodAt one point, we listened to a worship song we hadn’t heard before.  As I listened to the lyrics, I started to visualize them and found it disheartening.  The way he sang about worshiping God suggested a desperate pursuit of God as if He’s always moving away.

I find just the opposite in Scripture.  God promises that nothing can separate us from His love expressed in Christ.  It’s Christ’s blood that’s brought us near to the Father, saving us from the fear of rejection and abandonment (a frequent occurrence under the old covenant).  Every believer is adopted by God the Father and given the right to call Him ‘Abba’ (Hebrew for Daddy).  Under the new covenant worship is the grateful response to the warm embrace of our loving Father.


Romans 8:38-39
Romans 8:15


  1. I posted last yr a drum-piano duet with my boy, then 5, and me. He loved the accompaniment “Sovereign” by Chris T and is the one to initiate family worship. I’ve had a post on (terrible) Christian worship songs sitting in my draft pile for over 20 months. Someday…


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