“I’m Not Me When I’m Hungry”

…It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4

I received Christ at 19 years of age.  It was one Sunday morning after I sang with my Alma mater’s gospel choir at a church in town.  By the time I entered medical school I’d developed a voracious appetite for the Word.  When I think back on the challenges I overcame during those years in medical school and two residencies, it’s no wonder.  I’d been built up by the Word.

How much more do I need time reading and studying God’s word now as a wife and mother who, oh yeah, homeschools as well?  I’m pulled on much more now than ever!  I give and give till one day I listened to myself and realized I was EMPTY.  And let’s be clear, naturally and otherwise, I AM NOT pleasant when I’m hungry (my husband just smiled)!

IMG_1403No matter how long I’ve been a believer, I NEED to delve into God’s word, especially the person and work of Christ daily.  Once I realized things had to change and quick, the Lord told me what to do.  It took some re-prioritizing and the help of my supportive hubby.  He wakes the kids up so that I don’t even see them before I’ve spent time with Jesus.  I’ve also pushed our school start time back a bit.  It’s meant a world of difference for all of us and I’m starting to recognize myself again!

How much time do I spend studying?  It’s not about a certain amount of time, but about enjoying Jesus’ presence and eating till I satisfy my soul with Him.

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