I’ve never been one to blog on a schedule, but it’s been a while even for me!  In case I’ve been missed I just wanted to say, “All is well.”  Just the proverbial “not enough hours in the day,” so I’ve been forced to prioritize differently.  It also worked out that I didn’t really have anything burning to share 😮

My book has been taking quite a bit of my focus, not just the writing itself, but the preparation also.  I started it back in October and it is quite different now than what I originally envisioned.  What started as one book has been split into two.  This first one encourages women to see and experience God as a loving DADDY rather than the distant or demanding father we may have in real life or heard Him described.  Honestly, you can have the best daddy in the world, but there’s nobody like DADDY God!  At this stage I think it needs one more chapter and then I’ll go from there (knees shaking).

Just wanted to share where I am in my journey and I hope to post again soon.  May you enjoy celebrating the goodness of God this Good Friday and His faithfulness, Resurrection (Easter) Sunday!

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