The Battle is the Lord’s

What the enemy meant for evil,

God turned it around.

Ohhh, God turned it around, God turned it around.

What the enemy meant for evil,

God turned it around.

He turned it around for me!

The Lord gave me this song today in the middle of a minor disaster. The formatting of my book went haywire last night and I can’t figure out how to fix it. The fact that this novice managed to format it in the first place, is a miracle of God.  It took countless hours, a priceless learning experience.

I cried my eyes out till the wee hours of the am, a mourning over all those hours spent. That didn’t help, I should have slept. Tried many suggestions I found online, still no help.

Today my headers and footers look nothing like the ones I had in the manuscript I planned to upload this week. But I have the Lord, He gave me a new song, and this battle is His. Thank God it’s Friday!  Have a great weekend. I plan to!


  1. Amen! So glad you changed your mind and see this thing that you may not be able to change and put it in the hands of the Most High!! It’s going to be Fabulous!! Congrats on coming this far! So many writers never even make it to the end let alone editing. You should be so proud!😊


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