Just Do You

As we sat around the dinner table Sunday night, we talked about what the kids learned in children’s church earlier that day.  Our youngest gave a rather detailed account, especially for a first grader, of the events of “Holy Week” more than two thousand years ago.  As she shared, the Holy Spirit shared something with me…

There wasn’t before, then or since anyone more loving, kind, helpful or powerful than Jesus.  Yet, there were people who hated Him!  It’s absurd when you think about it.  He couldn’t be more perfect, but there were STILL people who literally hated Him.

What’s more impressive is His response, not reaction, response.  Jesus continued to be Himself, to do what He came to do.  He didn’t change himself to win over the haters.  He just blessed as many as would receive Him.

I encourage all of us with this, “Just do you.”  Be who God made you to be and enjoy favor with whom the Lord gives you favor!



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