Remember to KISS

We had a ridiculous amount of rain last week, here in southeast Texas!

The kids were out of school all week because of severe flooding in many areas. I made a run to the grocery to store to pick up a few things: milk (gotta have it), cookies (do you need a reason) and sandwich bags for lunches (in case they ever went back to school).

The young man packing my groceries bags asked if I was baking the cookies that day. Sarcastically I replied, “Sure why not?”  Then he said with a forlorn look, “I don’t know the last time my mom baked cookies. It’s been years.”

As moms we focus on the big things (fill in the _________), but looking at this 20 something I realized, it’s the little things we do that our kids remember, and long for, when they’re grown.  So when you’re feeling overwhelmed by what you’ve put on your motherhood plate…


Remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Sister)

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  1. Great reminder! My son lives in Texas too, but hasn’t mentioned tons of rain. I’ll have to ask him. He lives between Dallas and Houston.


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