Celebrate the Journey


There are two fallacies every human being is susceptible to:

Unbelievers: I’ll come to Christ when I have it all together.
Believers: I don’t have a testimony until I’ve overcome      (fill in the blank)      .

Here’s what I see in the Word about the latter …

The bleeding woman’s (Luke 8:43-48) testimony began when she, by faith, started crawling towards Jesus.  She had enough of being failed by everything she tried to get well.  Risking whatever life she had left after bleeding for years, she broke Jewish law and crawled through the crowd making anyone she touched “unclean.”  Her healing testimony started with her faith. I celebrate that faith that started her on her way, since Jesus commended that same faith, that caused her to touch His robe, as the reason for her healing.

The prodigal son’s testimony (Luke 15:11-32) began when he realized how foolish it would be to eat pig slop when he could be eating good food at his daddy’s house.  Then he decided to go back home.  We can learn something from his father’s response.  He didn’t wait till his son came to the doorstep to celebrate his change in direction.  When he saw him coming, he ran down the road to meet his son!  Let’s not forget, Jesus shared this account to give insight into His Father’s nature.  What does that tell you about when DADDY God starts rejoicing about your breakthrough?

I’m still impatient, sometimes moody and quick to get angry, BUT I’m not where I was, even yesterday.  As my husband tells our boys, “Every day and every way we get a little better.”  (Shout out to the basketball coach who embedded that in my hubby’s brain!)  If that’s true in basketball practice, how about the manifestation of the Lord’s work in us?  I mean, His work is always successful!!!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait till I’m “fixed” and “completely presentable” to testify of the Lord’s goodness to me.

One, He’ll be working on me until He returns (see Philippians 1:6).  If I waited till then, you’d never hear about it.

Two, He’s already been too good to keep it to myself.  He’s brought me a looong way, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog if I felt I needed to “have arrived” first!

Do people need to hear testimonies of healing and deliverance?  My God, yes, of course!  Those testimonies help feed our faith, but guess what?  People also need to know they can share and celebrate their journey to breakthrough with others, as well.  It’s what I did in my book and it’s changing my life, and others, so I’m told.

Question: Are we gracious enough to rejoice with those who are rejoicing on the way to experiencing victory?


NOTE: I’m celebrating the freedom DADDY God has given me in Christ (as shared in my book)!  I invite YOU to join me.  The E-book is now $3.99, for the rest of July! 

Thanks for reading my post.  I hope you’re encouraged!
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My book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Encourages women to move past the limits of their relationships with their fathers to find identity, acceptance, and unconditional love in the ultimate DADDY-daughter relationship with God.

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