Labor Day, Every Day (II)

Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest..
Hebrews 4:11, KJV

There are many things to work towards in the day-to-day.  We work to have necessities, pleasures—to be comfortable, but there’s a “comfort” that only comes from Jesus and He wants us to “work” towards that.  It takes effort to not be stressful.  It doesn’t take long in this life to feel the stress.  Even young children are stressed out, because there’s so much coming at all of us, so much required of us.  And that is stressful!

So we actually have to make every effort to be at rest.  It’s something that Jesus wants to unpack even more.  It’s what He called me to this past month away from blogging, to come away from this idea that busy is best, to come be at rest.  To sit with Him, to hear from Him.  It’s a rest where He can only feed you when you’re quiet and still.

messy eater

Have you ever tried to feed a baby that’s all over the place, constantly moving?  It’s NOT cute, it’s an ugly scene. I thank God I haven’t experienced it personally (lol), but I’ve witnessed it, and it ain’t pretty.  Jesus feeds us when we’re at rest, and resting doesn’t come naturally.  You have to turn away from busyness and striving to enter that rest.  But it’s that place of rest He wants us in constantly.  So I’m looking forward to sharing how Jesus unpacks “rest” going forward!

DGF cover small

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Encourages women to move past the limits of their relationships with their fathers to find identity, acceptance, and unconditional love in the ultimate DADDY-daughter relationship with God.

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