I’m Fresh Out

I wasn’t going to post today.  In fact, I had no intention of posting again. Drastic, I know, but the monkey on my back called discouragement had finally worn me down.
There are so many things the Lord has shown me regarding His plans for me, but it’s been years in the making. The wait’s gotten old, and you know what’s funny? I’m told I have the gift of encouragement, but I’m fresh out, even for myself. So, here’s why I’m pushing through to write today.

There’s nothing like being connected to the right people and the right church.

Just Forget It

I told my husband I’d had enough.  “It’s been a loooong time of ‘believing and not seeing.’ Maybe Jesus and I got our wires crossed and I’m going the wrong way.  Maybe being a cheerleader for others is my lot in life.”

Thank God Mark knows Jesus. He told me he was never more convinced that I’m doing exactly what I should.  He encouraged me to hang on, breakthrough is coming.  I couldn’t though.  Having lost all grip strength, I’d made up my mind to quit, even though that’s a four-letter word in our family.

Waiting a long time is draining. What do you do when everything in you says, "Quit?"

Real Funny Jesus

Yesterday, I dragged, yes dragged, myself to church…for our children’s sake. I figured, even if I’m stuck in the wilderness, at least the kids can enter the promise.  My husband found that amusing though that certainly wasn’t my intention!

The praise team sang the words I’ve sung along before but this time they stuck in my throat.  I just wanted to go home.  Then they had the nerve to sing “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” my favorite hymn.  I’ve only heard them sing it one other time in the just over a year we’ve been there.  No fair, Jesus, this is torture.

No Quit In Me

Then my pastor stood up to speak and I swear he’d been watching me the last week.  He started talking about the time between when you’re anointed to do something and when you’re appointed to do it.  In between is “the process,” the time of preparation, discomfort and, yes, discouragement, but not the time to quit.

He went on and on about David and the thirteen years he continued to herd sheep between being anointed king and assuming the throne.  He talked about Abraham and the pregnancy analogy.  I wiggled like a worm on a hook, wishing I’d stayed home.  Nudging my husband, I asked him whose idea was it to come today.  Like a Cheshire cat he leaned over and whispered, “Jesus’.”  I needed that laugh…

Choices Matter

I’d be lying if I said I’ve snapped out of it.  I’m not sure I’ll post again, send out another newsletter or continue working on my next two books, but I’ll say this: it does matter who you walk with in this life.  More than easy on the eye, your spouse should have a word to pick you up when you’re down (and you likewise for your spouse :-).

The Good ShepherdWhen I like, that one sheep, wandered off disillusioned, Jesus left the other 99, came after me, and carried me in my weakness.

And don’t just sit under any old ministry, make sure the Lord led you to it.  The days I didn’t feel like going to church are the days I’m most grateful I went.  The Lord uses pastors to breathe new life into us with a timely word.

So, it DOES matter who your God is.

When I like, that one sheep, wandered off disillusioned, Jesus left the other 99, came after me, and carried me in my weakness.  That’s the heart of my God.  I’d forgotten it, momentarily, but great is His faithfulness!


  1. Don’t quit my sister in Christ! I have been there very recently. I remember & recorded God’s call to me where I know He has given me a “ministry” a desire yo write for His glory & even the title of the book He has called me yo write. David’s years in preparation have alwats been an encouragement to me. Even after he was appointed as Saul’s successor, even after He was annointed there was a period of waiting. His timing is perfect. Keep on pressing into Jesus! I am right there with you. My husband is my greatest cheerleader too. I have been amazed and a but hurt by those who are my friends that don’t encourage or even read my stuff! But we only meed a few to help us see the dream & not give up!

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    1. Wow, thanks for the encouragement Renee! I didn’t even touch on the issue of friends not reading my stuff, but that is a hurt I’ve had to overcome. 😊 If the Lord strengthens my hands I’ll get back to it. He’s given me a lot to say and I need to get it out. 🔥in my bones 😉. Thanks, friend!

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  2. Sis, you always tell me to keep my faith, no matter how hard things get, our father is watching and guiding you through. Don’t give up, we won’t let you give up nor will our father. You are part of my rock. Love you.

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