Let Love Flow

Walls. There’s much made about them these days. Whatever the reasoning, all walls accomplish the same thing—separation. Separation keeps out the good and the bad; it doesn’t discriminate.

All walls are intimidating, none more so than the wall called sin. It prevents holy God from coming near us, tainted from birth by sin’s wretchedness. It prevents us, bound by sin, from freely receiving and enjoying His love. And make no mistake, we need His love. We need Him.

There it stands, a wall, impenetrable and insurmountable. What to do? It laughs in the face of Law keeping, “do gooding”, and sacrificing and God hates walls.

Only one thing destroys walls—love, bursting through like water exploiting the crack in a dam.

No doubt it’s easier to build walls around fear and hurts. In love, Jesus came as one of us to relate to our sufferings. No doubt nothing costs more than love. Jesus shed His blood for us, an offering to remove THE WALL. He thought us worth it.


What if, by faith in Jesus, we let His love fill us, then let love flow through us? Could that be the answer to our need to self-protect?


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