When Love Is Uneven By Design

This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. 1 John 4:10, NLT

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! Never been a big deal for my husband and me. Even as singles we never bought into it. I guess it seemed like a day for “lazy lovers” to get out of the dog house. Anyway, our anniversary is in February, so that’s our “holiday.” Once we started having children, Valentine’s Day became a family love day. We love on the kids with an unusual amount of sweets (oops, bad pediatrician) and we all go out for breakfast for dinner.

Culturally, though, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. It’s become all about proving your love to someone and hoping they reciprocate in kind. But what about love that is purposefully uneven?

He’s the best Valentine ever given and, boy, did He prove His love for me and you! The lengths he went to demonstrate His love could not be duplicated by anyone, even if they had a heart to do so. There’s no one else perfectly holy in body, mind or actions (Romans 3:10).

So, what is love?

It’s not our love for God, proving how much we love Him. It’s His love for us, demonstrated by sending His only begotten, perfect Son. With Him from before time, with Him forever, given to pay for our sin. That is love. Period.

There is NOTHING you or I could do in return to prove our love for Him, in kind.

The way you show you love Him is to accept His love, His Son. Sometimes we take the Valentine’s Day mentality of, “I gave you this, what do you have for me,” and we apply it to God. “He gave me His Son; now how do I show Him I love Him as much?” Well, you can’t. Me neither. That’s the point.

It’s an absurd notion when you think about it, when you look at that bloodied cross. No. We don’t show Him our love in like degree, though you can’t help but respond to His love with love. That is the “amazingness” of God’s love. It can’t be returned in style or degree.

It is so extreme, so extravagant, so glorious. There is nothing in man that can match it or meet it. Nothing.


There is no greater love than a man lay down His life for His friend (John 15:13). That’s what Jesus did for me and for you. It’s not a measuring stick for you. That verse is about Him and what only he could do. He speaks of Himself and His love. There’s none greater than HIS.

I’m crying writing this post. Completely overwhelmed by a fresh experience of God’s love in Christ Jesus. I had no intention of writing this today, but I felt it in my bones and I had to get it out.

If you want to show your appreciation of God’s love, receive it with gladness.  Don’t insult it. Just receive it and praise Jesus for it!  Rejoice that God accepts you in the Beloved. Happy Valentine’s Day!







  1. I know am late but I love this statement, “There is NOTHING you or I could do in return to prove our love for Him, in kind.”

    It’s so true, there is nothing we can do to repay His love! There is no greater love than God’s love!

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