Set the Stage

Everywhere you turn people are talking about platforms. “Do you have one?” “You know you need one!” “How else are you going to establish expertise and influence?”

So, like everyone else I’ve done my due diligence in platform building, even though the idea makes my skin crawl. I’m just not a ‘toot my own horn’ kind of girl. But because I know what God gives me isn’t just for me (it’s bigger than me), I stretch myself and share it on this blog, write it in books, write it on shirts, and on social media. The results? A petite platform, I’m still grateful for.

My part is to sow the seed, the increase is up to the Lord.

But earlier this year I had an “aha” moment during a sermon. The preacher mentioned platforms, then looked into the camera and said, “Many of you are trying to get a stage, but for some of you, it’s time to be the stage.” Hmmm, yes…

Then a small voice said, “With such as you have, who can you put on stage?”

Me??? Seemed absurd, looking at my cozy number of followers, but before I had time to argue, the Lord confirmed His gentle nudge with a series of events. Then He gave me the vision I’m excited to share today.

It’s GirlTime!

Once a month, Vine Life Faith will feature guest posts by women; sharing their stories of stepping out in faith, and how God’s grace met them in the tight places. In celebrating their faith in Jesus and God’s grace, we’re all inspired.

There’s nothing like a little girl time. It’s when we get together, hear what’s new in each other’s lives and support one other.

I shared some of my story and other women’s in DADDY’s Girl Forever and DADDY God wants me to keep sharing them. He wants His girls convinced of His gracious heart toward us. GirlTime! posts publish the second Monday each month, starting next month, and will be easily recognizable.  Wouldn’t want any of my male subscribers getting caught up in “female conversation” unawares (although feel free to share them with the ladies in your lives)!

And yes, I will continue my usual posts on VLF, as inspiration comes.

By the way, I need your help! If you know of women who’ve experienced God’s grace (His unearned, undeserved favor) accomplishing “the impossible” on their journey; tell me about her at  I’d love to connect with her!


P.S. I can’t wait to introduce you to my first guest. She’s just the person to kick this off. Stay tuned!

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