I Believe.

Today I took my customary Monday morning walk. I didn’t last week and almost didn’t today because of swarming gnats along the neighborhood trail. Disgusting clouds of gnats hovered along entire stretches of sidewalk! They so creeped me out last Monday, I went home and walked on the treadmill instead. No view, no inspiration…not gonna work!

Dressed for my walk, I took my daughter to the bus stop this morning, and there they were again. We all stood there perplexed and silent, waiting for the bus, gnats dancing around us. I thought about scrapping the idea again and working out at home later, but I love these walks. These “walks with Jesus” set the tone for my week. I couldn’t give that up again.

So, I pressed through; swatting at gnats, thankful sunglasses covered my eyes, praying gnats didn’t get stuck in my hair and keeping my mouth shut (yuck)! Several yards later, I noticed there were fewer until there were long gnat-free stretches. Along the way there’d be clusters that I’d have to dodge, as did other souls braving the “elements.” Thank God I pressed through.

He reminded me of the children of Israel coming into the Promised Land. Going into the Land was just the beginning; they still had enemies to fight. Those threatening to steal their peace, to keep them from enjoying what the Lord blessed them with, what He promised. The Israelites had to decide if they were going to give up on the blessing or press through, not just to possess, but enjoy what God provided.

It’s something we all need to do as believers. In Christ, all God’s promises are ours. There’s the initial press to believe that and then there’s the fight to keep believing. When the gnats of life swarm to discourage and dissuade you from enjoying the promise, Jesus wants to know if you’ll still believe.

These light afflictions (2 Cor 4:17) are temporary, but His promise is forever. The victory is yours.

If you keep walking, keep believing, you’ll come to a clearing where you have rest on every side (1 Kings 5:4), where you savor God’s faithfulness! Do you believe?

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