The Day After

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Celebrating Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, and ALL He’s done for me, never gets old! Jesus is Lord!

I published this poem two years ago. Drawn to it this past week, I figure it’s an appropriate time to share it again.

Life in Him
by Vanessa A. Harris

I live my life in the afterglow of the Resurrection.

The empty tomb signifying my freedom;
the light enters, leading me into newness of life.
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
voices of condemnation cannot alight.
The grace of God a shield for me.

I live my life in the afterglow of the Resurrection.
My life forever hidden in Him!

Just wondering…How do you describe life in Christ Jesus?


  1. Beautiful poetry. I think life in Christ is indescribable. The way people say you cannot describe love, you can only experience it. That is exactly how I feel about life in Christ. It is not always peaches and cream when you look at it within our human perspective, but when you attach faith to it(which takes it to another perspective) it is all beautiful and indescribable ❤️

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