Work It Out

Maia S. Alexander is the proud daughter of Pastor Darryl and Lady Rose Godlock of Calvert County Baptist Church in Maryland. A graduate of the University of Maryland College Park, she’s a Human Resources professional. Maia and her husband Wes have one son, affectionately called Rookie.

guest post by Maia Alexander

On August 23, 2015, my groom and I exchanged vows. I had it all planned: we would be married for 2 years before starting our family, and during that time I would give my all to being the Proverbs 31 wife my mother displayed before me. I would cook dinner every night, make our first house a home, tend to my husband’s every need, and continue to excel in my career. I had my timeline, but how often do we forget the Lord is really in control?

One month and one day after our wedding day, my mother-in-law suddenly passed away.

Grieving is not an easy process for couples married 20+ years, let alone a couple only 31 days in. I just knew life would get back on track, but one week later, we found out our family would begin the following summer. That’s right; I was pregnant!

Jesus, only you know what your plan is, but PLEASE, let me in on the details.

Newlywed bliss became grief, hormones, 1st trimester exhaustion, carryout/order-in dinners, a barely cleaned house—well, you get the picture. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. While my husband and I found joy in knowing our son filled a void in our hearts, I secretly worried that my husband’s needs weren’t being met. Insecurity about my readiness to be a wife, mother, and career woman gripped me, but instead of asking God ‘why’, I asked ‘how’.

How will I make it through this pregnancy and keep my husband “happy”? How can I meet his needs without sacrificing my own? How will I do the things I want to do in my career? How will we afford a baby? How will we ever make it?…

I tend to let doubt overcome my faith, but God clearly planned to free me of doubt and insecurities.

Fast forward to my 6th month of pregnancy; I received a promotion at work! I should’ve known then God was about to “pour out blessings we didn’t have room enough to receive.” I enjoyed 12 (fully paid) weeks of maternity leave, caring for our son. Near the end of it, though, that pesky doubt came back.

Can I do it all?

The Lord blessed me with an amazing mother, who always promised to take care of my children when the time came. He worked it out so she was available when I needed her! As Jesus took care of roadblocks, like finances and daycare, I continuously prayed away postpartum depression, struggling to be an attentive wife.

The past 6 months, I’ve watched God work it out in my favor. He showed me He’s graced me with everything I need. I am enough. I am able. I am His daughter and since He’s for me, nothing and no one is against me.

After I returned to work, I set out to get certifications in my field. Exhausted, I struggled to study between full work days, housework, and tending to my family. Unable to reschedule my tests any more, I took them—passing not one, but both.

God, nobody but You worked that out. What’s next?

How about the desire to cook and clean? Check! I even got in the habit of a schedule, all the while asking the Lord guide to me. And my marriage? I’ve seen God working that out too. Our relationship continues to improve, as He leads the way. God has eliminated every insecurity by responding with a blessing. If I told you what’s next for our family—you wouldn’t believe the way God’s provided.

So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed with the issues of life, do like me, and just trust God to work it out!

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