The Wonder of a Woman

I watched the Wonder Woman® movie last Friday; my way of celebrating my radio interview and the publication of the third issue of GirlTime! earlier that morning.

Growing up, Wonder Woman®, a fictional hero meant to entertain and inspire, became the answer for how young girls handle vulnerability during the harsh extremes of life. What to do when life comes at you and there’s no one there to protect you or help you navigate it?

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You self-protect and re-invent yourself as Wonder Woman®, self-sufficient, fully equipped. Didn’t she wear every tool she needed? If there’s no one to help me I’ll handle it myself. And we carry that thinking into our grown-up lives. Conditioned by our experiences and the culture to believe it really is every man for himself, we wonder where that leaves us—on our own? So, we go it alone.

Life keeps coming, so you better take care of yourself and handle your business, girl.

You put on your armor and you perform. You try to be everywhere at once and all things to all people. And it’s killing you, slowly, because you’re not designed to do it all—and certainly not alone.

Changing the culture takes time, but changing your mind takes Jesus.

When you get real tired and finally decide to hang up your cape, turn to the One who says, “You can do all things through Me, depending on My strength.” Because the truth is you’re not alone. The truth is you have a Savior and, though He is a Man, He’s no ordinary man (Numbers 23:19)! He is faithful, reliable and trustworthy.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Jesus isn’t put off by your weakness. You don’t have to put on a brave front and dumb down your vulnerability to impress Him. Jesus sees you, and all mankind, struggling under the fallacy of independence—and offers Himself. Receive Him; live aware of His presence and draw on His strength.

Wonder Woman® is not real, but the wonder of a woman is. She demonstrates her wonder in her dependence on Jesus!


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