Letting Go to Gain More

noun  mar·ja \ mar-ˈjə
1 your girlfriend @ the coffee shop
2 girl, daughter, learner, music-lover, dancer, organizer, servant, friend
3 woman, Christ-follower, educator, wife, editor, connecter, mother, truth-teller, leader
4 Jersey girl, North Carolina influenced Maryland resident
5 intentional
6 adventurous
7 Daughter of the King of Kings!

guest post by Marja Humphrey

This past April, my best sister-friend, Yolanda, and I launched On the Rise: Elevating your faith, mind and life*, a weekly internet radio show. God surprised me with this opportunity and I jumped—having no idea where a radio show fit into my full schedule. Where would I squeeze it in between investing in my marriage, homeschooling, teaching at the University, serving at church, shuttling children to activities, keeping our home, and capturing our family memories in pictures?

But Jesus never calls us to convenient, He calls us to follow.

So, I said yes to a platform I hadn’t sought, but God provided, to grow me into my destiny. And that “yes” necessitated letting go of my role on the Women’s Ministry leadership team. I cried. I love women’s ministry, but a new season meant a new assignment and re-arranged priorities. Leaving the safe for the unfamiliar.

I usually see the glass half-full, but I couldn’t deny our lack of knowledge and experience in radio and social media. Clinging to Psalm 18:30, which promises God’s way is perfect, we signed the contract in February. We worked, planned, prayed and searched daily for what we needed to produce a show worth your time, and GOD filled every gap. Despite our lack of resources, we trusted THE source. Jesus always showed us what to do at the perfect time!

God’s plan meant exchanging women’s leadership for a broader ministry: helping our listeners become free and productive for His kingdom!

On the Rise also provided our husbands and children opportunities to use their gifts and talents. They serve as the creative team for our promotional videos, an unexpected bonus! My family’s developing because I let go of a good thing for a better thing.

Has it all been smooth sailing? No.

After the show’s debut, some friends said I seemed stiff, that my true personality didn’t come through. Internet radio is fast paced with a steep learning curve. How quickly will I warm up to this new environment?  Add to that, an audience including people I may never meet. Am I okay with sharing the personal me with this larger group of “friends,” while navigating new territory? How would individuals who already know me in a single dimension respond to an expanded view of me?

God’s grace answered all my questions. With every broadcast, I’m learning the craft and feeling more at ease. And the response to On the Rise has exceeded my expectations! The Lord has given us favor with the studio owner, featured guests, sponsors, and our audience.

Now I realize that God used my roles in Women’s Ministry to prepare me through speaking at bible studies, women’s retreats, teas, mothers’ groups, and youth conferences. These opportunities set the stage for On the Rise. Though I had to let go to gain more, those experiences brought me to this moment, and form the framework for what I do on the show.

Stepping out of the familiar, though humbling, is God’s way of expanding your territory. When Jesus leads you to let go—do it. He has so much more to give you!

*Catch On the Rise Fridays, 11:30am -12:30pm Eastern Standard Time, on Facebook live at WBGR Gospel Network or wbgronline.com. Connect with On the Rise on Facebook; Instagram and Twitter @ontherisetalk.

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Talk soon…Vanessa


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