Hurricane Harvey: A Tale of Two Kinds of People

What a week it’s been for us here in south Texas. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and catastrophic flooding in a matter of a couple of days. A nightmare in every sense of the word.

Events like these highlight two things: God’s goodness and man’s flesh.

When you consider that Houston and the rest of Harris County, alone, contain over 6 million people, it IS the grace of God more lives weren’t lost. I’ve also seen the Lord’s goodness in the hearts of south Texans. The flooding is so disastrous even emergency personnel, working round the clock, had difficulty reaching everyone needing help.

So how did communities respond? We got out and helped our neighbors. Used our own boats to rescue them from their homes; our 4x4s to drag cars through flooded streets; and emptied grocery store shelves, pantries, and closets to donate items to local shelters. That’s the goodness of God expressed in the hearts, hands and feet of people.

Sadly, another phenomenon broke out. The judgmental tongue-wagging of people who are not here, but have opinions about what Houston government officials and church leaders should do. If not for God’s overwhelming goodness, I would have lost heart over that foolishness. But I thank God, we’ve been too busy being a blessing to each other. There’s no time to come down off the wall to respond to ignorance.

There are numerous charities and organizations taking donations to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. I encourage you to donate and continue to pray. South Texas will be recovering from Hurricane Harvey for quite some time.

~ Vanessa

P.S. Many thanks to Americans everywhere who’ve donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts ❤️ For those of you wondering, my family and I are well and blessed to help our community.



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