Can We Talk?

Truth is better received with laughter and something sweet! Encouraging and funny, Yolanda loves Jesus, her family, baking, Disney and time spent with her girlfriends. She is known for being a “realistic optimist”, but that hasn’t kept her from wanting chocolate to be a zero-calorie food!

guest post by Yolanda Lupton

“Yolanda, do you have a minute to chat? I need to run something by you.”

You would have thought I was Wendy Williams…lol. It got so bad my husband would ask when I planned to turn the “Doctor is in” sign around and come to bed. I’m often the one people call when they have a problem or want to bounce an idea off someone.

One day a former boss asked me, have you ever thought about being a life coach? “Not really. When do I have time to do that with 2 kids, a husband and a full-time job?”

I was already doing it and didn’t realize it.

Honestly, I didn’t know where to start formal coaching. I didn’t know of a program or anything, but God had one in mind. One day, I came across Valorie Burton’s book Successful Women Think Differently. I couldn’t put it down. The book literally coached me into my future. Because of her writing style, Valorie seemed so down to earth. I remember telling my husband I’d like to meet her one day. So, I subscribed to her newsletter to connect with her.

One day she sent an invite to her Coaching Intensive Training, an hour away from my home. With my husband’s support, I registered for the 3-day program. At the end, I received an offer to continue to the CPEC (Certified Professional and Executive Coach) Program which is 6 months long. The effect on my family concerned me, but I felt the Lord’s pull in that direction. Once again, my loving and supportive husband confirmed it with a, “Go for it, Babe!”

During the program, I connected with two wise and knowledgeable people, who continue to serve as wonderful sounding boards. My program partner, Dr. Bernita Mitchell of Restoration Church in Augusta, is a trusted mentor and friend. Miguel Miranda is my personal and business coach. Not only did God point me to the training, but to people to support me along the way!

A major portion of our assignments focused on practicing the principles of coaching with our partners, to appreciate what it’s like to be on the other side of the table. Sounds fun, right? Little did I know, God would use this time to deal with some lingering emotions and mindsets. My willingness to dig deep and be vulnerable led to many revelations for me: letting go of unforgiveness and my To Do List, and learning how to rest. This painful, but beautiful, process helped me become more compassionate and present, and less judgmental of others.

I need to face my issues before I’m invited into someone else’s process.

After receiving my certification in February 2015, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to do now? He told me to use my certification for his kingdom first. I’ve done so, sharing God’s wisdom, grace and love with many different people over the last two years. I have met so many great people and learned to use my gifts of speaking and humor to encourage people to move past their fears and live their dreams. In the process, I’ve found my authentic voice and the freedom to live out loud!

By the way, I did meet Valorie Burton, and found her to be cool and down to earth. You know…just like a girlfriend!

Yolanda Lupton, Chief Dream Strategist
Positive-Sum Communications


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