Coming up for Air

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I know.

But despite the many blogging experts crying out, “Be consistent in putting out content,” I only post for the same reason I speak—I have something to say.

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve written here, but I’ve certainly been busy. I took off during August for the second year now. Between squeezing the last moments out of summer break with the kids, school prep and a hurricane thrown in for good measure this year; August seems like a good month for a break from blogging.

I took off from blogging, but not writing altogether. The editing of my upcoming 31-day devotional, the sister to DADDY’s Girl Forever, turned into a significant revision—and I’m loving the boost it’s given me. Now that it’s week two of the school year, I figured I’d come up for air and say hi.

That smile is the only way I relate to this picture. Anyway…

I will admit I felt a little guilty leaving the blog quiet for a few weeks, until I remembered I’m most miserable when I force something I don’t have the grace to do. And while I’m driven by nature, the misery just isn’t worth it. Soooo, I’m flowing where the Holy Spirit flows and, right now, He’s giving me a whole lot of content for the devotional.

And the best part? I can see how much I’ve grown since writing DGF. I don’t know if you relate to feeling stagnant in your spiritual growth. Like there’s a wall you couldn’t get around, despite sound teaching and time in the Word. But while writing today, I cried at the keyboard realizing how much farther the Lord’s brought me. Along with Scripture insight, I’m sharing me on an even deeper level than in DGF, because I’m whole enough to do it.

Sometimes we’re too close to see our own growth, but God is working.

Big thanks to my Vine Life friends for hanging with me on the Vine! Let me know in the comments section what you’re passionate about these days. And I encourage you, “Live life led by the Spirit (see Romans 8:14).”

Until next time…Vanessa


  1. Vanessa I am enjoying your daily post in October. Isn’t it so great when God transforms us on the inside and it spills over. My cup runneth over. I to have taken a very long break from writing/blogging. Couple months back I heard the Lord say write. So I have began again by daily writing in my journal. I look forward to blogging again when the time is right. Keep doing what your doing.

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