DADDY’s Girl Forever The Devotional

When you spend significant time with people and things, it’s easy to take them for granted. To think we know all there is to know about them and get complacent. It happens with our spouses, children, friends, jobs, ministries—even the Word of God.

Sensitive Stuff

It took me over a year to write and self-publish my first book. Part of it was the nature of the topic. I’m transparent with people I know well, but it took courage to bare my soul with strangers. And do it in a way that still honored my dad, whom I love, while speaking the truth.

Search the Scriptures

The other reason: the featured verses. Not only did I need leading in which ones to include, but what God wanted to share with His girls concerning each one. That. Took. Time. And understandably so. “Who can know the mind of the Lord?” Besides, the words filling those pages were the words I needed to know and believe myself.

“He wrote this book through me: to me, and every woman.”

It Wasn’t Easy

When you spend such intimate time with some 31 verses, they feel like old friends. I mean I meditated on each one and had to experience them anew before the Lord would say a word about them. It took a lot to push that baby out!

I’m Good

By the time I finished the book, I knew the verses were so rich it’d take another book to mine more of their treasure. So, when the Lord prompted me to write the devotional, I figured it wouldn’t take long. I’d spent so much time meditating on these verses, I thought I could pull the devotional together quicker this go ’round.

Not So Fast

While obviously related to DADDY’s Girl Forever, the devotional builds on it, sharing practical applications of each verse. Insights I had to experience myself before I dared “speak” on it. Are you catching the pattern yet?

There’s no such thing as exhausting God’s Word.

And, newsflash, there’s no rushing the Lord either. We’re all just branches, folks. Jesus is the true Vine. He bears fruit in us at His pace. Our part is to abide, not force the issue.

Worth It

And I am grateful for everything I’ve learned about my DADDY, courtesy of Jesus, on this leg of the journey. The process was worth it—because I am, as is every DADDY’s girl. DADDY says so.

DADDY’s Girl Forever The Devotional: 31 Days to the Ultimate Daddy-Daughter Relationship With God

Vine Friends, the devotional is now available for purchase! I’m pleased to announce this to you all before I share it on social media because your company and support on my writing journey means so much. And I’m grateful the Lord provided this 31-day devotional encouraging women to embrace how God sees us and all He’s given us in Christ Jesus. Enjoy!


Available in paperback and Kindle at introductory pricing for January 2018.

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