Give Me a Break, I’m Turning Here!

I’m a patient driver—until I’m running late. Then all bets are off. Such was the case, recently, in a left turning lane. The light took forever to change and when it did the person in front of me pulled off slowlyyy. “Give me a break! Would you go alrea—oh, you’re making a u-turn.”

Funny how we do the same thing to people in all aspects of life.We all make u-turns in life. So, let's give each other a break.


You’re frustrated by their need for u-turns and the time they take. But life’s u-turns are just another name for repentance, meaning change your mind. You change your mind about all kinds of things from what to eat to your career. But the biggest u-turn of life shifts you from trusting in yourself to trusting in Jesus. Whatever the repentance, we want people to hurry up and think differently. But it doesn’t work that way.

My pastor baptized my youngest child earlier this month. There’s no greater joy as a believer than finally seeing your whole family saved. As a family, we anticipated celebrating this moment with her, the public declaration of her u-turn to follow Jesus.

And our jaws dropped when we arrived at church that Saturday. Our church is HUGE. So huge, well over 700 people were baptized that day. That’s a lot of baptisms, a lot of family and friends supporting—and a lot of waiting.

Hours passed between our arrival and her glorious dip in the water. But in all that time, we didn’t hear anyone complaining. I think because of the magnitude of the occasion, a time of celebration not impatience.

This is one of many times I'll recalculate in my life. Please be patient.


But you know, what? Every person baptized that day, including my daughter, will make several more u-turns in their walk with Jesus. I do, don’t you? My journey is a constant redirecting, from thinking I’m going the right way, realizing I’m not and turning around.

And Jesus regards no u-turn more valuable than another. He happily leaves the 99 to go after the 1 lost sheep and rejoices every time He recovers her. Will the family and friends of those baptized that day see their loved one’s subsequent u-turns the same? Will I see my daughter’s that way?

I certainly hope I give her a break. The grace to let her u-turn in peace—like I hope you do for me.


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