He Who Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing

 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22

I thought about this recently while preparing for this school year. And man, my husband has it good!


Role Call

My husband is the head of our household, for sure. But I’m the:

  • neck that supports him and holds him up in prayer
  • heart who creates the atmosphere in our home and discerns the emotional state of those living in it
  • arms that nurture
  • hands that serve and
  • feet that run errands!

Oh God favors hubby for sure, and yes, me too! He’s a wonderful husband and father, but all this “body work” explains why I’m pooped by the end of the day.


So here’s to you ladies tending to family, career, and ministry as you embark on another school year and all that adds to the mix. You are your husband’s “good thing” and a treasure to your family. Use the grace God gives to do all you’re blessed to do!


VANESSA A. HARRIS is a blogger, designer of inspirational t-shirts, and the author of DADDY’s Girl Forever and its devotional. She’s a physician turned stay at home mom, who’s never lost her NY wit.  She needs it for the three inventive children she raises with her husband in Texas.

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