FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 6

Thanks to Gary Chapman and his book, The Five Love Languages, I know one of mine is quality time. I love making every minute of my day count, whether I’m working, playing or resting so when I or someone else wastes my time, it’s infuriating.

Infuriating is a strong word. Jesus is working in me on that, but because He knows my love languages, He speaks them to me.

Like when my kids were babies and He caused them to sleep later when I was busy enjoying digging in His Word. Or the nights I barely slept this week fully expecting to drag through the day, but He helped me accomplish more than on days fully rested.

I’m grateful…

Jesus’ love isn’t one size fits all. He made me and loves me in ways that are meaningful—to me. His love isn’t a concept, it’s an experience.


Focus on Gratitude:

How does Jesus speak your love language?

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  1. G’day Vanessa, its been a while. I really hope your doing well.

    Quality time is one of my love languages as well.

    I think when I take the time to put stuff aside (technology, concerns, stress and so on) and just be present with him in prayer and listen. He makes himself known. I love that!

    Thanks for sharing

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    1. Hi there Evad. Good to hear from you. I am doing well, hope you are too.

      Yes, the trick is putting all that stuff aside so Jesus has center place. And I agree, when we do, He meets us every time. No holding back. It’s amazing!

      Thanks so much for chiming in.

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