FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 8

Last week my husband and I received an email from our middle child’s teacher describing how impressed he was with our son’s leadership in a group project.

What he said about my son didn’t surprise us. The fact that this teacher noticed and shared, did.

Skilled, enthusiastic, and attentive teachers are a rare commodity these days. Growing up, teachers used a variety of methods ensuring their students could grasp the concept. These days fewer teachers understand what they’re teaching, instead “teaching” from a script handed down from school districts. Of course, the pay scale doesn’t exactly inspire anything more.

And never mind children being reduced to a score on a standardized test, removing all interest in them as individuals. Shuffled through the school system, known by a number, like inmates shuffled through prison.

I’m grateful…

My son has a teacher who, though modestly paid, loves what he does, is knowledgeable, enjoys investing in his students, and cheers them on in their journey. The kind of teacher every child deserves.


Focus on Gratitude:

Does your child have a teacher who goes above and beyond by today’s standards?

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