FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 13

Today made the 6th ballet lesson for my daughter. She still flexes her feet, leans forward on her plies, and gallops across the room. It’s still early so all that’s to be expected. But she does it with a smile.

And every time she glanced at me, I met her smile with one of my own.

I’m grateful…

Learning is awkward—anything but graceful. But when you expect that going in, you’re free to enjoy the process, to give yourself the grace you need to progress. My daughter reminded me to cut myself some slack and appreciate the messy that qualifies me for mercy.


Focus on Gratitude:

Do you ever have trouble enjoying the journey?

Click here for The Vine Life Faith Devotional written last October. It’s 31 days of bite-sized insights on living the abundant life of Jesus, our gift to you.

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