FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 16

Maybe it’s cultural, maybe it’s generational, but my parents were never ones to apologize to their children. They did what they did, said what they said, and if they ever regretted any of it, none of us kids will ever know. Hmpf, that must be nice.

But that bothered me as a kid—long before I ever knew Christ. I just figured, if you blew it and you knew it, then just admit it.

I never knew how much it bothered me till I had my own children.

I’m grateful…

While I don’t apologize for being a parent (instructing and setting boundaries in a loving environment), I do apologize when I miss the mark.

When I speak the truth without love.
When I keep speaking, i.e. nagging, when I heard Jesus say stop.
When I cut them off without letting them express a full thought.

You get the idea…

I apologized to my little girl this morning. A real one, where you specify what you’re apologizing for. It was another exercise in humility—a lesson in discipleship for both of us. And no, it’s not always easy for me to do. But Jesus never said walking with Him always would be.

And the look in her eyes after showing her that respect, was a holy moment.

Focus on Gratitude:

Have you ever apologized to your child?

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