FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 19

Sometimes even the most well-intentioned anal of us drop the ball. I completely forgot to post yesterday. Too many irons in the fire, I guess. And the crick in my neck I’m still nursing didn’t help matters either.

I’m grateful…

When realized I forgot to post, I grabbed my tablet and wrote it, but I didn’t feel guilty. You know, for forgetting to post why I’m grateful (giggles). Oh there was a time I’d beat myself up for that, but grace really is a teacher and God really is that good.

Dare I say, the Lord allowed me to forget so I’d realize His grace is sufficient. And since He’s the only one perfect, I have nothing to prove. Neither do you.

Focus on Gratitude:

Aren’t you glad Jesus NEVER drops the ball?

Click here for The Vine Life Faith Devotional written last October. It’s 31 days of bite-sized insights on living the abundant life of Jesus, our gift to you.

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