FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 20

Thank God I’m free. Free from the labels people use to define me. And it feels wonderful.

I’m grateful…

There are three women God used this past year to break my pattern of internal response to outspoken expressions. What they said didn’t feel good. Much of it wasn’t true. They tried to make their issues my fault when I can only take responsibility for my own.

But, by God’s grace, I did what I tell my children all the time. I kept the baby and threw out the bath water. I let God filter out the kernel of truth in what they said and dumped the rest.


Holding off taking offense to ask the Lord if there’s any credibility to what someone said takes courage. Moving past people’s messiness to search for a message from God ain’t easy. But I’m grateful for the women God used. Bless them Jesus.

Because of them I’m bearing fruit that remains.

And I’m free to be me. Not me in response to anyone, but the me Jesus loves while working on me.

Focus on Gratitude:

What about you? Are you free?

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