FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 26

I DO NOT enjoy grocery shopping. And that’s all I’m going to say about my “first-world problems.”

Today I big grocery shopped which involves at least two stores because this chick who doesn’t enjoy grocery shopping, loves a good deal!

And as usual, I asked my larger order get double-bagged, brown inside of plastic, packed as heavy as possible. It’s absolute torture to my Texas bagger friends. They never heard of it before (weird I know), so they either give me the confused puppy look or a sneer. Some think they heard me wrong, so they repeat what I said, hoping I correct them.

But today I got a pleasant surprise at check out. Upon hearing my request, the bagger kept a neutral face and got to it. She packed everything in a logical manner too. No beauty products mixed with refrigerator items today baby! She’s a pro.

Wait. It gets better.

When my faulty package of spaghetti spilled before loading on the belt, a store manager appeared, cleaned it up and got me another package—all with the politest conversation.

I’m grateful…

There’s nothing like good customer service to make everybody’s day go better. I didn’t feel like food shopping and I’m sure my packer friend doesn’t dream of packing groceries all her life, but her attention to detail blessed me. I appreciate her.

And the manager confirmed what I tell my kids. Completing a task with a great attitude makes all the difference in your day and someone else’s.


Focus on Gratitude:

When’s the last time customer service made you day?

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