FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 29

I haven’t slept well the last three months.

Couldn’t tell you why. I fall asleep easily, but I wake up at 3 something sleepy, but not sleepy enough to fall back asleep. Now I know why sleep deprivation is such an effective torture tactic. You feel like you’re thinking through cheese cloth and you’re plain miserable.

But I figured if the enemy’s gonna mess with my sleep, I’d make him pay for it. I spent the nights praying and meditating on Scripture. And it’s amazing what the Lord will share with you in the “midnight hour.”

But at some point, you just need sleep.

I’m grateful…

My alarm woke me up this morning! Never thought I’d be so excited to say that. As a pediatric resident and a mom, I’d never gone without more sleep than I have in the last 3 months.

But the best part was telling my sons and each of them saying, “Good! I prayed for you.” The ones I walked through the house and prayed for one by one so many nights, prayed I would sleep.

And I’m so glad Jesus answered their prayers.


Focus on Gratitude:

How do you handle sleepless nights?


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  1. Howdy Vanessa, thanks for sharing.

    A great post. My wife is often awake at crazy hours and has had the habit of having a chat with God during those times. Over the last year I have decided to redeem the time while trying to get back to sleep with prayer. Your post has reminded me to be more intentional during those times though.

    Peace to you

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