FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 31

If you’re below a certain age you don’t know about the Wonder Twins. Growing up, I thought these two members of the Hanna Barbera cast of comic characters were pretty cool.

They touched their rings together saying, “Wonder Twins, activate, form of___________.” And then one could take some form of water, the other the form of an animal. They had limited capacity on their own.

The “magic happened” when they came together.

I’m grateful…

Grace and peace are the wonder twins of my faith.

It’s one thing to know God supplies blessing and favor I don’t deserve—grace. And another thing to experience unexplainable calm in my spirit though there’s visible and palpable chaos around me—peace.

But when you know they work synergistically, that you maintain peace amid lack and distress because God supplies you wisdom and resources—that’s where the magic faith happens. Grace and peace give teeth to my faith.


Focus on Gratitude:

What are your “wonder twins” of faith?


Thank you for joining me for all or part of these last 31 days. May we finish the year expecting good things from our good God, giving Jesus all the glory!

Click here to download The Vine Life Faith Devotional written last October. It’s 31 days of bite-sized insights on living the abundant life of Jesus, our gift to you.


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