Father, these are the best of times and the worst of times at the same time.

Some of us are anxious because of our troubles, but others of us are anxious because of doors You opened for us. During this strange season, these new doors are both exciting and overwhelming. It all feels too much at one time.

And we’re no better than the children of Israel. We complain when we’re afraid too.

Anxiety is cruel and crushing. All we want to do is escape, but You give us a way through—You comfort us with your presence.

Because what we’re going through isn’t just for our benefit.

Yes, You will work it for our good, but You’re also working compassion into us.

On the other side, we’ll comfort others with the comfort You gave us.

But we don’t like suffering, DADDY. Who does?

So, we’re grateful that when we do suffer trials, we don’t do so in vain. These momentary troubles are working for us a glory that exceeds them all.

We thank You for the proper perspective on our troubles. Thank You for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and for the wisdom to drop the unnecessary burdens, adding weight in this season.

It’s in Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Inspired by 2 Corinthians 1:4, NIV.

Here at Vine Life Faith, we pray God’s Word to experience God’s will because His words are the only ones He’s obligated to keep. While we pray, inspired by a particular verse, the prayer references multiple verses as the Lord leads. You’re welcome to share this prayer and if it blesses you or someone you know—say so in the comments below. God bless you!



  1. G’day Vanessa its been awhile, thanks for sharing!

    It is about perspective hey, because when we only see through our own lenses we can barely see anything but trouble.

    Lord help us have that different perspecive!

    Peace to you

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