Comfortable vs Content

Lord, we’re sorry for being a soft Church.

We’re sorry for confusing a couple months of inconvenience with suffering, and for equating the light affliction of limiting our activities, to anything endured by the New Testament saints or Old Testament patriarchs.

Noah and his family stayed shut up in an ark full of animals for almost a year—only 40 days and 40 nights of which were because of the rain—mostly waiting for the waters to subside.

Looking ragged, away from everything familiar, enduring horrible smells, yet safe with his family amid widespread destruction because he followed your instruction.

Paul suffered imprisonment, flogging, stoning and shipwrecks, sleeplessness, hunger, thirst, and nakedness in harsh elements, yet he also confessed he learned the secret of being content in every situation.

He learned the secret through enduring his struggles.

But we struggle to endure minor inconveniences.

Our flesh craves comfort, but contentment is satisfaction under any conditions. Jesus, You told us in this world we will have trouble.

You said it, knowing the discomfort of no place to lay your head in the world and anticipating the agony of a cross You didn’t deserve.

Help us understand the difference between craving creature comforts and true suffering. Help us endure the lesser while grateful we’re spared greater sorrow.

Help us dwell in safety, in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty. There, You will command your angels concerning us to guard us in all our ways.

We can do all things through You, Christ, who strengthens us.

In changing our mind and resting in You is our salvation, in quietness and in confidence is our strength—if only we’ll receive it. Like Noah, You shut us into the ark of safety, and You know the right time to call us out of it.

Blessed are all who wait for You!

It’s in your holy name, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Inspired by Philippians 4:12.
Here at Vine Life Faith, we pray God’s Word to experience God’s will because His words are the only ones He’s obligated to keep. While we pray inspired by a particular verse, the prayer references multiple verses as the Lord leads. You’re welcome to share this prayer and if it blesses you or someone you know—say so in the comments below. God bless you!

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