Father, I thank You that by the Blood of your Son and the power of your Spirit I can come boldly to your throne of grace.

I have no righteousness of my own, only the perfect righteousness of Christ himself. And it’s by His name, His authority, that I bless your people.

Thank You for this platform and the opportunity to pray over these You love.

Ones you’ve seen through many dangers, toils and snares, and now here they are—stepping out of a year full of turmoil and into something new.

What’s ahead, only You know.

But I praise You that You do know. You know the good plans You have for them—no matter how the plans initially appear or feel.

And I thank You for the privilege to speak a blessing over your people as they walk into the new thing You are doing.

Friend, the Lord bless you and keep you.

May He bless you to see He’s already blessed you with every blessing of heaven in Christ. In Him, you are fully stocked, lacking nothing.

The Lord keep you as you step into the new year. May He be your shade at your right hand, protecting you round the clock, shielding you from dangers of every kind.

May the glory of the Lord’s grace and favor shine on you always. And may you always walk in peace assured the Lord looks in your direction—now and forever.

It’s in Jesus’ name—the name above every name—I pray. Amen.

Prayer inspired by Numbers 6:24-26.

Vine Friends…

I’ve enjoyed praying God’s word with you for almost 2 years.

Some of you told me when prayers were timely or touched you in a special way. And some of you shared these prayer posts with others in your circles. And I’m honored to know the Lord involved me in blessing my friends here on the Vine.

If you’ve been here with me all 9 years, you know I introduced this site as The Legacy of Faith. My posts encouraged parents, moms especially, to parent with legacy in mind. A nod to my training as a pediatrician, my experiences in my family of origin, and, more so, my faith in Christ.

My passion to affect children’s lives by pouring into their moms never left me. And this year it came full circle.

It started in 2016 with publishing the first book in my DADDY’s Girl Forever Collection—addressing women left insecure because of their fathers’ neglect. Then furthered this year with the launch of my podcast for moms called Motherhood Unmasked: Real Talk About the Challenges Moms Face.

And will continue with written content to help women from broken families build better ones—the new direction of Vine Life Faith.

The prayer posts and older content will remain here for your reference, but future posts will be less often and cater to women focused on leaving a better legacy than the one they inherited.

We’re growing in a different direction here at Vine Life Faith! I grateful for those of you who will make the shift with me, and I understand those who won’t. The new direction won’t be everyone’s cup to tea—it’s been a pleasure to walk with you thus far.

I’m excited about what’s ahead for us all! May 2021 be your best year yet. God bless you and see you next year!

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