I see you picture from the Seen Known Loved Always article

Seen, Known, and Loved Always

Now I grew up in a two-parent home with stability and support, but buried under my parents’ expectation. I imagine if you were abandoned by your dad, neglected by your mom or suffered abuse gone unnoticed, you felt unseen too.

Created by a man who wouldn’t stay around to affirm your value. Birthed by a woman who couldn’t nurture you. Used by people who didn’t appreciate you beyond your physical appeal.

To live in broad daylight and go unnoticed—is heartbreaking.

And the rejection wrapped up in “you’re not worthy of my attention” leaves you either desperate or despondent.

But as real as the feelings did and do feel, they’re not true.

You’ve always been visible, just not by those who are blind. Not by those with “emotional cataracts” gone untreated. Or by those who, finding something about you threatening, willfully close their eyes.

You’re a gem. One who’s discovered by those willing to dig. By those seeking the extraordinary.

And I’m sorry you haven’t encountered many of those treasure hunters. But they’re around. So, stay open to being found and stay in position.

I’ve never seen a diamond push her way to the surface for everyone to trip over. Have you?

But should you feel like doing the relational equivalent of waving your arms wildly, trying to get any kind of response from those you want it most—let me share some truth for your soul.

Every day of your life, God Himself, bends down, looks you in your eyes and says, “I see you. I always see you. And I love you.”

But He’s hard to see when you’re blinded by the pain of past rejection.

So, acknowledge the pain.
Look it in the face.
Journal about it.
Speak about it with wise counsel.

When you do, you’ll see Love looking you in your eyes. And with the courage to receive, Love will give you peace. Aren’t you worth it?

I’m rooting for you!

Wear the message

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