Social media is a terrible place for your self-esteem—even for the people trying to use social media to build theirs.

But a couple weeks ago as I scrolled through Instagram, I saw several posts full of heartfelt expressions of love and connection in a variety of relationships. And I started crying—not even startled that I didn’t know why.

Then my spirit said, “Me too.”

The love communicated, and the connection expressed in those posts. The very things I give to my family because I always longed to receive them—they’re actually for me too. They’ve always been for me.

But if you didn’t receive it growing up you believe the lie that it’s not for you.

So, you just make do, not realizing the clay you’re made from hardens in the heat of life. Now you’re a vessel who carries for others what you don’t readily absorb, yourself. And it’s wearing you down.

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