But how can these bones live?


Imagine standing in a valley of bones as far as the eye can see. It’s a low place, surrounded by hills and mountains, filled with dry bones bleached white by the harsh sun. A reminder of what was but is no more and, seems, will never be again. 

You may not have to imagine it if your life feels like that valley of hopelessness. 

A valley whose echo mocks your “me too” as you dare to believe you’re meant to experience love and grace, not just live vicariously through others. 

But how? 

When all you see is what’s gone amid the mass grave of your hopes and dreams, how do you live out the better you’re believing for?


A man named Ezekiel* found himself in the same predicament. Standing in a mass grave, the Lord asked him if these bones could live? In other words: is there any hope?

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