In May 2020, I launched the Motherhood Unmasked podcast, the podcast for real talk about the challenges moms face. I had the concept long before then, but everything about podcasting felt intimidating and overwhelming, but the desire never let me go. 

Then enters the pandemic and moms everywhere found themselves pulled on to degrees we never could have imagined. The pandemic turned everyone’s world upside down, but as usual, everyone turned to mothers to sacrifice even more to help us cope with it all.

Talk about real challenges moms were facing!


The podcast went from an idea I tossed around to a necessity. Suddenly, I had the grace to overcome everything about podcasting that intimidated me previously.

And for five seasons, the Lord blessed me to produce 50 episodes of compassion, candor and clarity, encouraging moms to own their pivotal role in the lives of their children and to leave a legacy for the generations that follow.


But during my last hiatus, I realized some moms were overlooked.

When the pandemic had moms playing the role of therapist and teacher to stressed out children while trying to manage their own stress, work, and the home, it highlighted another pandemic that’s been going on for generations.

Daughters with unhealed childhood trauma, who are now mothers ill equipped to raise healthy children under the best of circumstances, much less catastrophic ones.

Moms with unique challenges no one’s addressing because everyone expects mom to make their lives better, not have issues of her own.

Moms who are dear to my heart because I am one of them.

Moms whose traumatic childhood experiences weigh on them besides the typical demands of motherhood.

My podcast left those moms behind.


And I heard DADDY God say something reminiscent of what Jesus told Peter.

…but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.

Luke 22:32, ESV

All the counseling I’ve received isn’t just for my wholeness, to make me a better mom. It’s for other moms like me who battle the effects of their childhood trauma while raising their own children.

In turning to the truth about God’s heart towards me, He’s now calling me to turn back and strengthen other moms like me.

And no, I didn’t jump at the chance to be so vulnerable over a microphone. I also wrestled with feeling inadequate to speak into women battling in an area where I’m still growing.

But God never calls the perfect; He calls the available.


So what’s your story? What have you journeyed or are still journeying through?

Where were you wounded and received a measure of healing, even wholeness? What had you bound, but you experienced deliverance?

What area of your life are you further down the road than someone else?

You don’t have to have “arrived” before you can encourage someone else. Keep walking down the road but double back and strengthen those yet to start or struggling on their own journey.

It’s the grace of God you’re not still where you were, and Jesus doesn’t call you to serve in your strength. Allow His strength to be made perfect in every way you feel weak and inadequate.

The first episode in season 6 of the Motherhood Unmasked podcast aired today. And I’m no longer speaking to every mom, as in the previous seasons.

I’m zeroing in on the moms who are adult survivors of childhood trauma, battling through the effects of their experience with abuse, abandonment, neglect and more on them and their parenting journey.

The podcast isn’t about me playing therapist, but sharing what I’ve learned on my healing journey to empower them to start and stay on their own.

Lord knows I’m only doing it by His grace. Do whatever He calls you to do by His grace, too. Okay?

I’m rooting for you!

QUESTION: How is Jesus inviting you to be a blessing to others? Let me know in the comments below.


Join me for Motherhood Unmasked

It’s the podcast for you, the mom battling the effects of your childhood trauma on your parenting journey.

Let’s get real about the challenges we face, so you’re as comfortable in your skin as you want your kids to be in theirs. TUESDAYS on any platform where you enjoy music and podcasts.

And may I introduce to you…

The Motherhood Unmasked Journal

Beautiful on the outside, but simple on the inside with lined pages for you to fill with the victories and valleys of your motherhood journey.

Perfect for you, a new mom, a mom who journals with her child, and the mom wanting to leave a “lessons learned” keepsake for her daughter.


  1. Yay. So glad the hiatus is over. Looking forward to listening in to season 6. May the Lord bless and keep you as you walk in His calling for you. So many, many moms are being blessed by your work.

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