I had a plan.

Do a quick YouTube workout, shower, record and edit a new podcast episode, then schedule a post for another upcoming episode. But there was a problem. We lost our internet connection.


It’s not a new problem at our house. Regardless of the provider or the number of towers in our home meant to spread the internet love around, there are times we just can’t connect.

And I don’t have to tell you how frustrating that is, living in a home in a developed area in 2022 when, like it or not, everything happens online.

As I busied myself going through the routine to get back online, I remembered for the believer there’s purpose in everything God allows. This consistent issue with the Wi-Fi connection—is there something the Lord wants to show us?

The Lord uses frustration to alert you to your need for revelation and correction.

Do we need to rethink our internet configuration? Most likely. But I knew what the Lord said to me was bigger than Wi-Fi.


Relationships are connections. And from your relationship with DADDY God to your marriage to your relationship with a coworker, disconnects happen.

But if, despite adding this or tweaking that, you still have a spotty connection, it’s time to step back and ask the Lord what He’s trying to show you.

And the number one answer is—Himself.

Why? Not only does a revelation of Christ cause you to look more like Him, what you learn about Him corrects the thought process behind the attitude that led to the disconnect. [read that again]

Job figured that out the hard way.


During what many theologians believe was 9 months of severe grief and loss compounded by friends who did anything but help (see Job 1-2 for context), Job went on a whole rant against God. He said everything just shy of outright questioning God’s integrity.

Job was frustrated. And I get it.

He went to bed one night blessed with the evidence of his connection with God. He had a great family, great wealth and great respect in the land. And he believed the next day would be no different.

But he woke up to all hell breaking loose against him.

At first he tried to stay positive and encourage himself in what he’d known to be true about God, but after extended suffering and God’s silence, Job wanted an explanation for God’s “unfair treatment” despite Job’s commitment to lead a life that honored the Lord.

And for 35 chapters, we experience the disconnect until the Lord clears his throat in Job chapter 38 with an onslaught of rhetorical questions. The sole purpose of which—revelation.


For as much as Job thought he knew about God and believed he honored the Lord with his life, the awe of God’s questions reminded Job he was not God’s equal.

Not knowing what God knows meant he couldn’t question what God does. [ouch] Listen to what Job says…

“You asked, ‘Who is this that obscures my plans without knowledge?’ Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.”

Job 42:3

A fresh revelation of the Lord corrected Job’s belief, which changed his attitude. And with that signal interference out of the way, the connection reestablished. Now, in Job’s case, the disconnect was only on his end, because God is always clear on things.

But in human dynamics, the disconnect occurs both ways. And like internet connectivity issues, human reconnection doesn’t just happen on its own. A wait and see approach only makes things worse.


When efforts to reconnect fail, it’s time to stop doing the same quick fixes that don’t get better results, humble yourself, and ask the Lord to show you what He wants you to see. And allow what you learn of Him to adjust your attitude about the other person.

And God is so good; His correction leads to greater fruitfulness!

Not only could Job pray for the friends who tormented him, he had more children, doubled his wealth and lived a very long, healthy life enjoying his family.

And I got my Wi-Fi back, and a completed to do list. But, hey, we all start somewhere.😉

I’m rooting for you!


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