When trouble pops up, I like to handle it quickly and effectively. Makes me a skilled physician, but a frustrated follower of Christ.

Because while Jesus promised in this life you will have trouble, He also told you to keep your peace because He’s already overcome the world.

But that’s tricky because Jesus doesn’t like to move at the pace I think my trouble warrants.

What do you do when it feels like you’re in an emergency room situation but it seems like God’s responding at an outpatient clinic pace?


The three Hebrew boys offer some answers (see Daniel 3).

Persecuted for honoring God over stroking the ego of the most powerful ruler of the time, they ended up in the original fiery trial—a furnace.

And before they could get in it good, Nebuchadnezzar got so furious he turned up the heat seven times hotter.

But these teen young men had something I still need to develop—appropriate expectations. They had enough experience with the Lord to know He could deliver them, but He may not.


And they were cool with it. They would honor the Lord no matter what.

So that’s the first takeaway. Trials will come. The extent and the timeline we don’t get to know.

But the beauty of the story, the comforting part, is as soon as they fell into the furnace, Nebuchadnezzar jumps up because of the fourth man he sees in the fire.


And it’s clear he’s not an ordinary man. He looked like a son of the gods, because he was the son of God.

Do we know what Jesus did to help Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego while in the furnace with them?

No. We know Nebuchadnezzar saw them untied and walking around. But there’s no description of what Jesus did in the fire.

What we know is that it was his presence that mattered.


Those guys walked around unbound in the fire. Free before they were freed from the furnace, knowing the Lord in a way they wouldn’t have without that trial.

While you’re wondering when your nightmare is going to end or when the escape hatch will appear, the three Hebrew boys teach you, peace is in Jesus’ presence, not how He’s going to fix it.

Unlike a regular firefighter, He doesn’t always come to put the fire out, but to make you fireproof in the fire.

Vanessa A. Harris
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And they were none the worse for it.

Using their senses, no one could tell what these guys had been through. They didn’t cry out in agony, didn’t suffer burns, nor did they smell of smoke. What transformed—was their faith.

And since you and I will have our share of trials, may that be our testimony.

I’m rooting for you. And me, too!


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